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A comprehensive collection on earning Bitcions online!

Howdy ho, everyone! Below is an introductory explanation to those confused about bitcoin. But if you're already familiar, you can skip straight to the "Earn Bitcoin" section of the site!

So first things first, what exactly is a Bitcoin?

    -A bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. While there are other digital currencies, bitcoin is currently the most popular with 1 bitcoin being equal to 13 usd.

Ok, how does one store a bitcoin then, if its decentralized?

   -You would just need a virtual wallet, This wil be explained in the "Getting Started" section!

What if i lose my "wallet" or i get scammed?

    -Sadly. the answer is its all gone FOREVER :'( well until you remember your wallet address. But if you get scammed for your bitcoins, you lose your bitcoins forever. So make sure to always stay aware and don't send money to services like "We will give you 100 bitcoins in the near future for 10 now." Trust me. Don't do it.

What can you do with a Bitcoin?

     -Well, as far as using the bitcoins you make and earn in day-to-day stores such as, Target, you would be out of luck. However, a person can easily sell their bitcoins away for common currency. There are various sites that support this and due to the scarcity of bitcoins, you can make quite a bit for each one. 

Why you should hold on to your bitcoins?

      -People are constantly mining for bitcoins and they are found by solving a file known as a "block". When it comes to bitcoins, its value rises and drops frequently, and is expected to rise as more blocks are solved by miners. So a smart move for someone looking to make money with bitcoins would be to keep a close eye on the bitcoin stock, which can be done at a site such as this www.bitcoincharts.com. If kept a close eye on, an investor could make 1/3 or more a profit off selling his or her bitcoins.

What next?

    -Take a look at this video as it explains a good amount about bitcoins:

 -Okay now that you have this much information you can head on over to the "Getting Started" section.

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